Who I Really Am

I am a woman who has wallowed in the trenches of my soul excavation battlefield, I’ve sobbed for days on end through the dark night of the soul, I’ve argued with Spirit and begged and pleaded for mercy and relief from the conflicts of my life. 

I am also a woman who has fallen deeply in love (with myself and others), I’ve floated in blissful states of peak divine moments, and I’ve witnessed the magic of unseen energies time and again. 

But most importantly, I am a woman who has been blessed with great epiphanies and awarenesses around my soul wounds and the false beliefs attached to them.

All of this has led me to becoming a deeply soulful, empowered woman who knows and owns the value of my voice, my truth and my goddess-graced gifts and talents. 

I am aligned with my higher purpose to engage my passions for healing and music in ways that serve the soul awakening of all who are called to my work.  

I am ready, willing and committed to supporting you in healing body, mind & soul, fortifying your voice, and raising your self-love quotient so you can confidently express your own truth and talents and be all of who YOU really are!

If you’d like to know a bit more about who I really am as well as my worldly certifications and qualifications, please continue reading… 


I Am a Soul Soother...

for those seeking healing and balance in their lives. All my life, I've been told that I have a very calming and relaxing presence and effect on people around me. I have always been very approachable and seem to have the gift of allowing others to immediately feel comfortable and at ease. My naturally relaxed energy allows my private clients to quickly feel safe and assured that they are in the right place to release and heal. 


I Am a Soul Singer

Music was an integral part of my upbringing as my father was an accordion player and it was when he was playing and performing that I witnessed him in his greatest joy, as he was mostly a pretty serious guy. It was also when my whole family was most happy, so naturally, I gravitated toward this happiness through music and have been singing for as long as I can remember. As a performer, I quickly recognized the powerful effect that music and my voice has on my audience. Many have shared with me that my voice is very soulful and soothing. I love knowing that the quality of the sound my voice produces has this effect on listeners. Using this innate gift for healing and inspiration in my client and group work now is one of the greatest joys in my life.  


I Am a Soul Seeker

I remember as a small child, when no one was around, I would sit in front of a large statue of Mother Mary that stood outside my bedroom door and pray to her. Fast forward to my college years when I had my first real experience of "energy" as I snuck into the campus church one afternoon and up into the organ loft. There I sat and meditated, when I suddenly felt enveloped by what I can only describe as the comfort of being wrapped in soft, warm angel's wings. The sensation was palpable. From that moment, I was determined to know and understand as much as I possibly could about Spirit and my own soul. Ever since, I have been walking that "red road" and it's been quite a journey of self-confrontation, brutal self-honesty, soul-wrenching pain, profound epiphanies, bliss beyond measure and everything in between! I am deeply blessed and grateful for every bit of it as this often twisted journey has served and continues to awaken me to the Truth of Who I Really Am. 

Finally, I Am You (and You Are Me). We all come from the saaaame substance, born of stars and light and Earth and Love. I am no greater or smaller than you and vice versa. I am simply here to share what I have learned thus far about awakening to your own Truth, making friends with your own Voice and supporting you in re-membering and embodying more of WhoYou Really Are  ~*~

OM Shanti ~ Mitakuye Oyasin

Peace ~ We are all related ~*~

In Joy,


Career Experience, Certifications & Studies

Experience and Accomplishments

  • Private Practice, Transformational Healing,                    Norwalk and Chester, CT, since 1994  
  • Co-Founder, Sacred Sisterhood Movement and Sacred Healing Retreats for Women, 2017
  • Co-Founder, The Sound Retreat, Chester, CT, 2015
  • Co-Founder, As If Manifesting, 2014
  • Creator, Manifestation Mastery Seminar Series, 2011
  • Creator, Dare to Thrive... Take 5!, Seminar Series and Companion CD, 2010 
  • Wellness Program Coordinator, Trainer and Therapist, US Surgical/Covidien, Norwalk, CT, 2005–2009
  • Founder, Aroma Persona, LLC, custom essential oil blends, 2001 
  • Reflexologist 
    • Mastercard Global Headquarters, Purchase, NY,           since 2001   
    • Bread & Roses’ A Positive Alternative Center,          1997 – 2002 
  • Creator and Producer, Self-Healing Awareness Forum, Norwalk, CT, 1999

Education and Certifications

  • BS, Human Development and Family Relations,        University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 1987
  • Reiki Practitioner 1 & 2, Body Ecology, Norwalk, CT, 1994
  • Certified Reflexologist, International Institute of Reflexology, Tampa, FL 1994
  • Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Practitioner, Institute for Inner Studies, Manila, Phillipines, 1996
  • Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, Transformational Breath Foundation, Center Sandwich, NH, 1997
  • Graduate, The Landmark Academy, CT, 1999
  • Certified Trance Dance Facilitator, Natale Institute, Austin, TX, 2005
  • Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, Insights Group, Dundee, Scotland, 2009
  • Manifestation Mastery Coaching, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, 2011
  • Certified Sound Healer, pending, Institute for Holographic Sound & Inner Balance, 2019

Additional Training and Studies  

  • Sound Healing with Wayne Perry
  • Shamanic Healing with Foster Perry
  • Aromatherapy with Patrick Briel
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • CBD Hemp Oil with Prime My Body
  • Meditation
  • Dowsing
  • Feng Shui 
  • Aqua Chi Detox Therapy
  • Ear Candling

Client and Student Testimonials



"The retreat was a life-changing experience. I want to share this opportunity with everyone I know! My intention was to cut the ties and be free from the past... [relationships, experiences], even anger. I was able to get to the root [of the anger] and touch on the issue...  It was wonderful to give my inner child the freedom to express [all those feelings]. It was like a rebirth. It was kind of overwhelming, yet exciting too. As the days progress I feel the benefits more and more... a better mood, I don't take things so personally, and feel more gratitude". - Rose B., Sacred Healing Retreat for Women participant


"Working with Carol has been one of the best experiences of my life. I never felt so powerful or was able to see so tangibly how I can make things happen. It was almost magical how things manifested, how people, situations and resources aligned to support me in the great things I’m creating in my life. Great experience, learning and life changing tool.  Thanks Carol, you are an angel….". -Mercedes G., Manifestation Mastery coaching client


"Carol, noticeable difference in Kelly these past few days and she said she had a good session with you.....thank you. She is energized and happy.  Whatever you are doing....keep doing it". Joe P., parent of Kelly P, 15 yrs of age., Energy Healing and Manifestation Mastery coaching client