Crystal Soul Sounds™

Meditation Concerts & Toning Experience

Soothe Your Soul with the Healing Sound Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls and the Voice of Carol Piro in Sacred Song. Then, feel the power and energy of your own voice as you take a toning journey through the chakras. 

Everything in our bodies resonates to sound. 

The ancients recognized sound, vibration, and frequency as powerful forces that influence life 

all the way down to the cellular level. 

In this hour-long program, you will be immersed in healing sound… as a receiver and an activator.

First you will be guided into a meditative state then immersed in the healing tones of crystal singing bowls and intuitive and sacred song. 

Then the audience will take a sonic journey through the chakras with your own voices - your most potent sound healing tool - engaging the vibrational frequencies of sound, light (color) and breath... the three foundational elements of all creation, to restore balance and harmony to body, mind & soul.

By attending, you will...

*Be quickly whisked away into relaxation and ease while the high vibrational energy works deep into your being. 

*Explore and empower your own voice, your most effective sound instrument, for healing, meditation, focusing, calming and balance. 

*Connect to aspects of your Self that carry your innate insight and wisdom... emerge renewed and inspired.

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~Soothe and Heal Body, Mind & Soul     ~Heighten Your Spiritual Connection ~Enhance Your Manifestation Power

This event is offered on a sliding scale based on your trusted ability to pay for the purpose of bringing exposure to the amazing benefits of healing sound on body, mind & soul.

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