MoonTone Meditations™

New & Full Moon Global Meditations via FACEBOOK LIVE

Our bodies innately align with the rhythm and cycles of the moon. During the night of the dark moon (new moon) it's most beneficial to meditate, be introspective and reflective when the moon is at it's lowest point and focus our energy on what it is that we desire to create in our lives. When the moon is full and at it's highest point energetically, it's time to be more externally expansive and express gratitude for the manifestations that have sprung forth. This cyclical sway of energy exists inside each of us influencing a waxing and waning between self-reflection and self-expression. 

At new moon, I offer healing sound vibrations to amplify the energy of your seeds of intention while at full moon, they may be used as a tool to acknowledge and celebrate your manifestations. 

MoonTone Meditations are offered via Facebook Live. Tune into www.facebook.com/cphealing on the posted dates and times on the "events" page. The recording is always posted on the wall for future viewing.