Own Your Tone™: Voice Empowerment for Women & Girls


For far too long, the voices of women have been devalued, discredited and diminished. Our confidence has been shaken and feeling safe to fully express ourselves has been critically compromised. Many women have experienced direct suppression of their voices in their relationships, their careers, their cultures and their families. The time is ripe now for women and girls to step up, stand out and be heard... to open and stretch out our voices with purpose, power, and grace... without apology! 

Own Your Tone is a 3-Phase series of group coaching programs that lead those women who are committed to their personal empowerment and soul evolution through a 5-step experiential process to ultimately embodying the highest version of who they really are. The result of participation in the Own Your Tone Program Series is being fully equipped and confident to express one’s truth and talents in the world and being a heroic advocate for self and others. Ultimately, mastering your creative power and elevating your self-love quotient.

3-Part Series - Group Coaching Programs

Part 1: OYT Introductory Playshops

Part 2: OYT Online Group Coaching Program

Part 3: OYT Mastermind Small Group Coaching Program

5-Step Program to Own Your Tone

1. Value Your Voice

2. Open Your Breath

3. Inquire Within

4. Create Deliberately

5. Empowering Essentials for Self-Love Mastery


OYT Playshops are a safe, supportive and fun environment to support women in steps 1 & 2 to Own Your Tone - Value Your Voice & Open Your Breath. 

Here you begin to explore and fortify your voice through toning & vocalizing, breathing, movement, chanting, meditation, sound healing and more.

Explore and fortify your voice

Open your breath to support your voice and clear negative programming

Empower your language, words and self-talk

Energize and Activate your 2.0 Self! 

To schedule a playshop in your area, message Carol by clicking on the "Connect" tab in the navigation menu at the top of this page. 

*May be taken as a stand-alone program.

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Part 2: OYT Online Group Coaching Program

Own Your Tone Group Coaching is an experiential healing and coaching program to support women in step 3 of Own Your Tone -  Inquire Within. 

Here you will review the processes in the Introductory Playshop then move into a much deeper soul exploration and excavation. Through potent healing and awakening processes in safe and sacred space, you will uncover the false beliefs that have kept your voice silent, suppressed and scared. Your self-awareness and self-love quotients will raise and you will gain unprecedented confidence in expressing your truth and talents and courageously advocate for yourself and others.

*May be taken as a stand-alone program.

Launching in September 2019. Stay tuned! 

Look for or host an Introductory (Part 1) OYT Playshop in your area

Part 3: OYT Mastermind Group Coaching

OYT Mastermind is a small group coaching program in which you will receive greater personal support within an intimate atmosphere of highly dedicated women who are ready to  master steps 4 & 5 of Own Your Tone - Create Deliberately & Self-Love Mastery. 

This intensive and intimate experiential program is aimed at the two most essential elements of life mastery - Deliberate Creation and Sustainable Self Love. 

This in-depth program will lead you to acquiring the expertise to deliberately create your life in alignment with who you really are. You will practice manifestation mastery skills and awaken to your innate power to magnetize the resources, opportunities, people, events and experiences that lead to the realization of a fully satisfying and fulfilling life. 

Moreover, you will embody SELF-LOVE. This is more than just doing nice things for yourself. Sustainable Self-Love is the  utter and complete knowing and owning of your value and your voice. From this place, your actions and choices naturally and effortlessly fall into alignment with your truth and the confident expression of your gifts and talents. 

*Registration Prerequisite: Completion of Part 2 

Program launch date Fall/Winter 2019 TBA


Monthly OYT Circles are led by local leaders who have been trained to facilitate groups of women in their communities that gather together to uplift and inspire each others voices through a regular shared practice in vocalizing and toning, sharing intentions and manifestations, joining their voices in empowering chants and mantras, and celebrating the rise of the feminine aspect through dance, music and high vibe foods. Each OYT Circle is unique unto itself according to the special gifts of the community facilitator. 

Birthing of this project is projected for Fall 2019. 

Please message Carol if you're interested in becoming an OYT Circle facilitator in your community. Just click on the "Connect" tab on the navigation bar.

Who is OYT for?

*Women who are ready to confidently express their truth and talents and unleash their gifts into the world.

*Women who feel the burning desire to speak out for themselves, their communities, their children, and their rights. 

*Women who have been silenced, suppressed and scared into staying small and/or criticized for being "too much" and chose to shut down their light for fear of being judged, abused, confronted, assaulted, shut out, ostracized, penalized, etc... 

*Women who are passionate about their gifts and talents but have yet to feel the support and inspiration to express and share their brilliance.

*Women who have a story to tell and need a safe, sacred community of like-minded and like-hearted sisters to hold and hear them without judgment.

*Teens and Tweens who are at that crucial point of developing their identity and owning and expressing their unique beauty, gifts and talents.