Pop-Up Personal Coaching

Need a pop-up soul chat?

Having one of "those days"? 

Tap my shoulder, sister, I'm here to listen and help. 

Maybe you need to change the channel, shift your perspective, get fired up again, lift your spirits, or calm your mind, heart & soul. 

Sometimes you just need that objective ear... you don't want to keep poking your BFF for support and advice or even divulge your "stuff" to those in your circle of trust... again.

So, go ahead, tap into my experience, compassion and wisdom in a "pop up video chat" to regain perspective or try on a new one. Fortify your SoulPower by awakening your self-awareness, raising your self-love quotient and empowering your self-expression so you can kick ass in your life and be ALL of who you really are!

To videochat with me, simply download the TaskHuman app to your smartphone and type my name into the search bar. You get a free 7-minute Discovery Call for starters :)