Experience the Transformational Power & Magic of Healing Sound

SoulPower Coaching

Need a pop-up soul chat?

Having one of "those days"? 

Tap my shoulder, sister, I'm here to listen and help. 

Maybe you need to change the channel, shift your perspective, uplift your spirits, or calm your mind, heart & soul. 

Sometimes you just need that objective ear... you don't want to keep poking your BFF for support and advice or even divulge your "stuff" to those in your circle of trust... again.

So, go ahead, tap into my experience, compassion and wisdom in a "pop up video chat" to regain perspective or try on a new one. Fortify your Soul Power by awakening your self-awareness, raising your self-love quotient and empowering your self-expression so you can kick ass in your life and be ALL of who you really are!

Simply click below to find a 20 - 40 - or 60 minute window to chat with me over FaceTime or Messenger Video any day - whether last minute or in advance.

Soul Power Coaching is accomplished through a variety of simple strategies that can be quickly applied and integrated into any lifestyle in 5 minutes or less each day, such as:

- Voice Empowerment Training (toning, positive languaging, singing/chanting)

- Transformational Breathwork (opening the breath for greater vitality, energy, stress release and soul healing)

- Energy Healing - shamanic (removing energy blocks), pranic healing (chakra cleansing and balancing), inner child work, soul retrieval, Reiki

- Manifestation Mastery Mentoring (simple processes for becoming a deliberate creator)

- Intuitive Soul Guidance (I connect with their soul to bring forth information and guidance beneath the surface of their own conscious awareness)

- Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique

- Empowering Intuition and Self-Trust (teach clients how to connect with that information and guidance on their own)

Guided Meditation (walk clients through guided meditations for various intentions and teach them how to do this on their own)

Self-Care Strategies (basic techniques in modalities such as reflexology, affirmations, forest bathing, aromatherapy, etc...)

Beat Your Fatigue & Stress Fast (movement practice)

... and more...