SoundSoul Healing & Voice Empowerment Coaching

SoundSoul Healing & Voice Empowerment Coaching

SoundSoul Healing & Voice Empowerment CoachingSoundSoul Healing & Voice Empowerment Coaching

Voice Empowerment Programs for Women


For far too long, the voices of women have been devalued, discredited and diminished. 

Our confidence has been shaken and feeling safe to fully express ourselves has been critically compromised. 

Many women have experienced direct suppression of their voices in their relationships, their careers, their cultures and their families. 

The time is ripe now to step up, stand out and be heard... to unapologetically stretch out our voices on purpose, with power and grace! 


Is that wounded inner voice louder than your courage? 

Does it stop you from sharing your truth and talents?

Is there a yearning in your soul to do and be MORE in your life?

Does you cringe when your career requires you to use your voice and express yourself?

Are you a speaker or singer and ready to take your presentation to the next level and step up to that mic with zest and zeal?

Are you considering an "out of the box" life change, but fear what others may think or say??

If you're done with playing small when it comes to powerfully expressing yourself, it is high time, sister, to level up to the highest version of YOU!

Your voice is not just what you say, it's who you BE in the world. 

Actions speak a thousand words. 

And, I personally know it takes a shit ton of courage for some of us to shine our light in the world.

And, the truth is, that light doesn't have to be 1000 watts bold.

It can be subtle and soft and be just as strong.

Either way, whatever your style is, the world needs to hear you, sister!


VoicePower Mastery is a small group healing and coaching program for women dedicated to owning their vocal expression, leveling up their self-love and personal empowerment, and ready to rock their self mastery. 

Within safe, sacred space, meet your hidden inner voices that harbor the wounds which have kept your voice silent, suppressed and scared. Access your authentic voice and the wisdom it bears to heal those wounds. As a result, your self-awareness and self-love quotients will raise and you will exude confidence and courage as you toss away external expectations and begin living life from the inside out. 

In this 6 week focused group coaching program, you will engage in guided meditation processes, vocal toning practices, story-writing and -telling, active listening and like-hearted group sharing and support to… 

  • Heal your silenced, wounded inner masculine, feminine and child voices  
  • Empower your authentic voice 
  • Fortify your physical voice
  • Practice active inner and outer listening
  • Reconnect with your innate intuitive wisdom
  • Be witnessed in and bear witness to empowered expression
  • Connect at the soul-level with other women dedicated to their empowerment and evolution 
  • Raise your self-love quotient 

Own your tone playshops

The Own Your Tone Private Group Experience is an interactive yet introspective, inspiring and empowering, healing and connecting time for groups of women related through work, special interests or kinship. 

Within safe, familiar space, together in sacred sisterhood, we begin to heal our wounded voices, fortify our authentic voices and practice tuning into ourselves and each other.

This program may include...

> Inner Voices Integration process for healing and empowerment

> Crystal bowl & sacred song sound healing meditation

> Chakra Toning experience for energy balancing & group bonding

> Empowering language and leveling up self-talk and communication with others

> Exploring the expressions of our masculine and feminine energies

> Making friends with the mic(rophone)

To book or discuss a customized Own Your Tone Experience for your connected group of women, message Carol by clicking on the "Connect" tab in the navigation menu at the top of this page. 


Monthly OYT Circles are led by local leaders who have been trained to facilitate groups of women in their communities that gather together to uplift and inspire each others voices through a regular shared practice in vocalizing and toning, sharing intentions and manifestations, joining their voices in empowering chants and mantras, and celebrating the rise of the feminine aspect through dance, music and high vibe foods. Each OYT Circle is unique unto itself according to the special gifts of the community facilitator. 

Please message Carol if you're interested in becoming an OYT Circle facilitator in your community. Just click on the "Connect" tab on the navigation bar.